Read your questions carefully and also read your questions twice.

Don’t jump into writing instantly. It is better to pause, analyze, think and write. As time is essential plan your paragraphs. And your writing has to be legible.

Do not repeat your words while writing. Instead use synonyms if you want to convey similar meaning repeatedly.

Focus on your spellings, punctuations and grammar.

Use topic sentences for each paragraph so that the examiner would understand what the person wants to discuss in that paragraph through their writing.

Please avoid contractions in your writing like don’t, won’t, can’t, instead use formal words like do not, will not, cannot, etc. Avoid informal way of writing. Learn the structure of your essay beforehand whether it’s general or academic which becomes easy for you to write.

Manage your time and practice speed writing.

Pay attention to number of words as both Task 1 and Task 2 demands specific number of words to be written in your writing.

Do not copy each and every sentence from your task. Do not try to memorize any model answers for any topic.

Plan your answers with an appropriate approach towards writing. You must write full proper sentences. And you can also form complex sentences by combining simple sentences without deviating from the main point.

At the end of your writing, at least make sure that you have some time to recheck or go through what you have written, which will avoid silly mistakes, which could have happened otherwise.

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