As any other visa we have a provision for spouse visa in canadaian immigration . In this any aspirant canadian citizen or permanent resident can apply for spouse sponsorship program through which they can bring their spouse to canada and with help of this there spouse can settle, work  and live permanently in canada as proper resident of the country.

In order to apply through this program there are education , english proficiency or work experience requirements. These are further categorized into two categories namely Outland sponsorship where the spouse is residing outside the canada  and Inland sponsorship where the spouse is living in the canada but on  temporary residence. In order to be eligible for applying the sponsorship for the spouse one :

  • Must be 18 years or of more age.
  • Must have canadian citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Must have a clean police record and not charged with any serious offence.
  • Must have not invited teh spouse in the span of the last 5 years.

The processing time for these applications vary from country to country and they keep changing as per the application being handled at any particular period of time. But in the case of India it may vary between 12 to 26 months of time period.

To apply to sponsor your spouse, partner or child, there are 2 applications:

  1. You must apply to become a sponsor.
  2. Your spouse, partner or child must apply for permanent residence.

Send both the sponsorship and the permanent residence applications together at the same time.

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