How get good score in IELTS writing

  • Plan fast and well –
    You cannot write a detailed plan, because you only have so much time. but guess what? If you study the given diagram, table or chart, you can actually use it as a plan!
  • Write an effective introduction –
    Imagine that there is no information summary (graph, chart, etc.) in front of the reader. This will help you keep the information you want relevant.You can write a separate introductory paragraph, but make sure it is not too long or you do not have time for your writing.You can also decide to include the introduction and the first paragraph, but only in the writing task it is shorter than the two writing tasks.
  • Express each main idea in a separate paragraph –Each paragraph should have a main idea. Other ideas in the paragraph will support the idea.
  • Use clear and supportive language
  • Do not leave proof
    Proofreading – It can help you get some extra points by reducing the number of mistakes in your writing. However, remember that you do not have time to rewrite entire sentences. You can only make small improvements – keep this in mind as you write!When you are done writing, set aside about five minutes for proofreading. Your priority is to finish the writing job, however, do not sacrifice writing time for proofreading time.A good rule is not to enter your writing early. Use whatever time you have left for proofreading.

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