How get good score in IELTS listening

  • Listen English every day – We all know that this is the most important step to develop your listening skills. By listening to the English language being used, you will get a better understanding of its natural usage. If you are reading this article, then you have access to the Internet. Therefore, you have access to thousands of free resources that can help build your listening capacity.

Do you take the bus to work whether it is a twenty-minute journey or a one-hour journey, listening to podcasts during your commute can be both rewarding and enjoyable? Do you cook your family dinner in the evening? Get used to listening to an English radio show when you do. There is not always a distraction in your phone. When used wisely, it can become one of your best assets for preparing for IELTS.

  • Listen actively –An important way to improve your English skills through active listening is to listen to a range of conversation points from various sources. This will later introduce you to a wide range of unfamiliar vocabulary and accents. Active listening can help improve your spelling, grammar and vocabulary – all of which are important in passing the IELTS hearing test.
  • Have a strategy –It is important that you remember that the IELTS exam consists of several different questions in the listening section.
  • Practice wisely  –Completing and correcting the practice sheet is a very important and difficult process. However, it is important that you do not complete only after the paper because listening is a skill that needs improvement. Testing yourself repeatedly will never improve your skills.
  • Reflect – Reflecting your mistakes is more important than reflecting on your strengths because you can learn a lot from them. What is the easiest way to learn from your weaknesses? Recording them. Take a notebook and a pen and make it part of your routine so that you can write the words you have to constantly misspell, mispronounce or tease. By noting these, you can easily see the pattern in your weaknesses and gain a better understanding of the mistakes that are reducing your marks.

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