Get best score in IELTS speaking Test

  • Don’t Shy –

On test day, one of the biggest ways students waste their scores is by being nervous. When students panic, they speak like robots. This leads to a 5 for pronunciation.If you want 7 or more for pronunciation, smile and use emotion in your voice.Putting emotions in your voice helps your voice move up and down, which is called intonation and helps you emphasize important words and information.

  • Use interesting and correct vocabulary –

If you want 7 or higher for vocabulary, you have to use interesting vocabulary, such as slang and idioms.Basically, the examiner is listening for vocabulary that you have not learned from just one textbook.You should use some slang in parts 1 and 2, like chilling at home or hanging out with my friends. In addition, you should learn some idioms that are easy to fit for Part 1 and Part 2, such as describing how you feel about something. For example, if you like something, you can say you’re on the moon about it, or it thrills you to bits.

  • Use linking words a lot – To get 7 or higher for fluency and coherence, you should use a variety of linking terms.Use the more common terms in parts 1 and 2, such as and, but, also, and also.If you can tell a short story for your answer to Part 2, use words of time such as next, later, after that, and longer.In Part 3, you should use more high-level and effective linking words and phrases, such as later, as a result, in addition to, and beyond.Using different types of linking words and phrases will not only give you a high score for fluency and harmony, but also vocabulary.
  • Practice speaking English (Fluency & Coherence) – Simple and logical advice, but it is a difficult one nonetheless.

As I have said, to score 7 or above in all categories of speaking tests, you must know what the examiner wants, and you must have a high level of English.

You should show the examiner that you can talk even without a lot of pause and uh and um.

Therefore, find a core speaker to improve your overall fluency, and practice specific speaking test questions.

  • Aim to talk 2 minutes in part 2 –You should always plan to talk for 2 minutes. Many candidates feel that you only need to speak 1 minute, but in 1 minute you will not get a good score. 2 minutes will give you time to show a wide range of languages.​

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