COVID Impact on Immigration and Study in CANADA

As we know this pandemic has brought tremendous changes in the Immigration of Canada. Till the mid of the march, Canada was only accepting immigration from various parts of the world. In fact, the country was aiming to receive more than one million immigrants from around the world between the years 2020-2022. But due to this pandemic, this country had various interruptions in their immigration process.

These interruptions will be carried on to the second half of the year. If we talk about the applications for permanent residents, they are facing various restrictions which are limiting their ability to come to Canada. But despite these restrictions, people continue to apply for the express entry and complete all the formalities if they can do so. Well with the changing scenario people have started looking for various other options in order to migrate to the Canadian provinces. Several programs are being introduced in various provinces of Canada where they need skilled people in order to enhance the life where a very less number of people are living. There are programs like Quebec selected skilled worker and Atlantic immigration pilot. And their also a program where the where you can immigrate to a province if you are nominated by that particular province or territory.

Now if we talk about international students all the batches starting after the mid-march are being held online. Only those which really need in campus classes are either postponed to next year or very few students are being called to the campuses but mostly they are postponed.  International students are encouraged to take online courses but they would receive their post-secondary work permits even if they have completed some part of the study online in their home country. Due to this pandemic, immigration is prioritizing some applications, including

  • Canadians who are trying to return to Canada and are stuck in some other countries.
  •  The people who are vulnerable
  • People who perform or support essential services such as agriculture-, agri-food- and health-care-related occupations

  IRCC is helping every way possible in order to help immigrants immigrate to Canada along with maintaining the health status of the country in this pandemic.

In this particular scenario, only those students are provided with a letter of permission who has to attend the on-campus study and they can enter the country with a proper explanation for the reasons as fo why they cannot study from their home country. And all the courses where students will be studying online can complete their half of the coarse back at home and then if the situation evolves here in Canada then they can move to this country. And their study back in their country will be valid for applying for the post-graduation work permit. This work-permit will depend on the duration of their study period but they will have to complete their half of the study by staying in Canada if the coarse is longer then a year. And also if the student is staying in their home country to study then they don’t have to pay for their medical insurances which are offered by the college during their stay in Canada. As these insurance cover all the expenses of medical facilities that students will opt during their stay in this country.

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